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"Share and find the best PUBLIC toilets around the world. Enjoy it!"

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Parque Cultural Valparaiso - Mens toilet 1st box

Address : Cumming s/n, Cerro Cárcel
Town/Suburb/City : Valparaiso
Country : Chile
Date : 31-01-2013
Visitor : Esteve
Web Site :  http://pcdv.cl/
Description : 

Clean and free toilet in a very beautiful and active city!!!

Chateau d'Arques

Address : Corbieres
Postal code/ZIP : 11190
Town/Suburb/City : Arques
State/County/Province : Languedoc
Country : France
Date : 11-09-2010
Visitor : Logan
Description : 

Clean and good toilet in a very beautiful castel on a littel village, Arques. Curiously it's a rounded toilet.


Address : 1 Rue Achille Mir
Postal code/ZIP : F-11350
Town/Suburb/City : Cucugnan
Country : France
Visitor : Logan
Description : 

El inodoro esta situado en la garita de entrada al castillo de Queribus,  y funciona sin agua ni productos quimicos. Es un Inodoro seco.

Montparnase Tower - Floor 56

Address : Montparnase Tower
Postal code/ZIP : 75015
Town/Suburb/City : Paris
Country : France
Date : 04-01-2007
Visitor : Esteve
Description : 
Interesting and clean toilet in Paris Skyline. You can acces (paying) to the 56th floor in 39 seconds super fast lift!!!. After go to the toilet you can acces walking to the roof in the 59th floor. On these two floors you can see all Paris around you, in front of Eiffel tower

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