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"Share and find the best PUBLIC toilets around the world. Enjoy it!"

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Trafalgar Square Public Toilets

Address : Trafalgar square
Town/Suburb/City : London
State/County/Province : London
Country : United Kingdom
Date : 14-03-2006
Visitor : Esteve
Description : 

It's an acceptable public toilet in Trafalgar Square, London.You can enjoy in London Westminster without problems.It's steel instalations are moder and clean.There are Toilets for men and women, on the left, in north west of square, under National Gallery.

Parlament de Catalunya Public Toilet

Address : Parc de la Ciutadella, s/n 08003
Town/Suburb/City : Barcelona
Country : Spain
Date : 03-04-2006
Visitor : Sara
Description : It's a very good toilet. It's clean and has got enough paper (see the photo!!!) We think the blue wall it's disacording the building. Can you imagine a politican with the trousers down in this toilet? Website to connect http://www.parlament-cat.net 

Palalda Public Toilet

Address : Carrer del Bac
Town/Suburb/City : Amelie-Les-Bains
Country : France
Date : 02-09-2006
Visitor : Esteve
Description : Very dirty toilet with stand up position. Without doors it's really dirty!!!.

Quillan Public Toilets

Address : Railway Station Square
Town/Suburb/City : Quillan
Country : France
Date : 02-09-2006
Visitor : Esteve
Description : Double side toilets (men and women) ina public parking for camping cars in front of Railway Station. Are dirty and without any ligth. At night it's impossible acces to it (CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!!!). Only for emergences.

Madeleine public toilets - box 4

Address : Place de la Madeleine corner Rue Dupont
Town/Suburb/City : Paris
Country : France
Date : 23-11-2006
Visitor : Esteve
Description : 
Good public toilets. You can read:
"Under the Place de la Madeleine hide what may just be Paris’ most beautiful Art nouveau toilettes publiques, with carved wood panels, brass and mirrors, floral frescos and stained glass windows in each cabinet. Here once you’ve awakened the sleeping Madame Pipi (as bathroom attendants are still called) you may tidy up like a real fin-de-siecle lady or gentleman." 
"Paris, Paris" by David Downie

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